There’s a wide range of Stemulite reviews on the internet and after 10 years of being in the fitness supplement business, the company has reviews everywhere online.

If you Google Stemulite reviews, here’s some of the reviews you’ll come across. Here’s our proof that people who review our formula are bias or just plain “don’t know anything.”

Stemulite Reviews

Take for example. They reviewed Stemulite at 3.3/5.0. (We highlighted the review)

Now, look what they say. “This weight loss supplement has been manufactured by….

First off, Stemulite is NOT a weight loss supplement. If it was, we’d have ingredients that would help you lose weight. Common sense, right? Stemulite is a FITNESS SUPPLEMENT. Not a weight loss supplement. Clearly this review is bias or they plainly don’t know what their talking about.

Stemulite helps you increase strength, endurance, muscle, energy, recovery time and helps you sleep like a baby. Notice there’s no mention of “weight loss.”

Now, has men and women loss weight on Stemulite? Yes they have, but it’s not a typical result. It can happen, but we don’t claim that our formula is for weight loss.

Stemulite Reviews

Here’s another on Diet Spotlight, yet another review that wants to connect our supplement to weight loss.

Prior to Stemulite users commenting, Diet Spotlight also claimed our supplement was for weight loss. Fortunately, they made a few edits we saw.

However, they still fell to mention our free trial to our audience and the scientific research Stemulite has conducted over the past 10 years.

We appreciate the edits Summer. Most importantly, thanks to our customers for speaking up! You guys and gals are the best!!!

Is this review bias? Well, just look at the screenshot. “Stemulite Readers: Click here to find out why we’re giving away samples of our product, Pronabolin.”

Well, my guess would be “Yep.”

Stemulite Fake Reviews

Oh, I see.

They’re promoting their own supplement. How can you trust someone that is promoting their own supplements? Sounds fishy.

Here’s My Suggestion

If you haven’t tried Stemulite yet, you should. We offer a free trial. You get a full 30 day supply. We also have a full money back guarantee.

We take all the risk so you don’t have too.

I know it’s hard to make a decision when you have so many websites out there that you can’t trust, just like the sites that made these bias reviews about us.

Sure, our bodies react differently. Try Stemulite for yourself.

You can get a free trial right here.

Some of the Stemulite reviews out there are bias, just as we showed you. Best to take the free trial and see for yourself.